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Star Wars Force Arena is a new strategy/moba game from netmarble for android and IOS. I have finished the past 2 seasons as the rank 1 players in the world and I at the time of writing this article I was still rank 1 in the world. Below are some beginner tips to help you have the right approach when first starting to play the game.


Each card has advantages/disadvantages that you can learn. You can view these by clicking on a card and the clicking on the “Advantages” tab. You have single target damage cards which are best at taking out individual units. You have AOE damage cards which are best at taking out groups of weak units. You have pressure cards which are units that can apply pressure to the enemies turrets and finally you have defense cards which are cards that defend or relieve pressure from your turrets.


The easiest way to win is to acquire an energy advantage over your opponent. To obtain an energy advantage you need to understand the card advantages above. The idea is to defeat an enemy unit or units using less energy than they did so that you can use your surplus energy to apply pressure on the opponent. A quick tip you can use to try and gain an early energy advantage is to wait until you are at 10 energy at the start of a game and play a slow unit in the back so that you can read your opponents play and counter his cards when his units reach your turret first.


Map advantage is when you are able to control an area of the map by catching the enemy out of position. The easiest way to do this is to kill the enemy leader. If you kill them, they can’t spawn units or defend while they are respawning and you can push a lane. But even if you don’t kill the enemy and you apply kill pressure you can force them to retreat to their health pack, allowing you to push while they are gone. You can also gain map advantage by split pushing or putting a unit in the opposite lane of where you are pushing that if left alone can do a lot of damage to the enemy.

IGNORE CARD RARITY WHEN CRAFTING DECKS When building a deck, utilize the cards that are best at doing their job and ignore the rarity of the cards. Often times a common or rare will be much better at doing the same task as an epic/unique.


Missions become harder to complete the higher rating you get so try to complete all of your missions as soon as possible. Look at what missions are coming up soon so that you don’t accidentally get stuck on a mission that you can’t complete.

Mission List courtesy of u/Kopaszkutya :


You get 2 play packs that are on a 24 hour rotation from the time you last opened them. Make sure to complete both daily. You need 10 points to earn a play pack and you get 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. So usually you only need to play 8-10 games to earn both play packs each day.

Also, make sure you always open your free packs when available. Free packs become available every 4 hours and you can hold 3 of them at a time so if you go 12+ hours without opening them you will be wasting recharge time.

Finally, make sure you always have a victory pack unlocking. Try to save long duration unlock card packs for right before you go to sleep so that you have a card unlocking the entire time you are in bed each night.

Getting your daily Free/Play packs and making sure you always have a victory pack unlocking is the best way to level up your cards and player level quickly without spending money.

That’s it for my beginner tips. I hope they help!

I will be posting a lot of videos in the coming weeks with increasingly advanced information in them. Feel free to subscribe if you want to check them out:

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