Location List of All Unique & Legendary Weapons / Items in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Manufacturer Item Obtained From Quest Location
Legendary Assault Rifles in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
Jakobs Hammer Buster II
Torque Kerboom Boomer “Nothing is never an option”
Dahl Major Tom
Vladof Shredifier
Legendary Class Mods in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
Hyperion Celestial Enforcer
Vladof Celestial Gladiator
Hyperion Eridian Vanquisher X-STLK 23
Celestial Lawbringer
Legendary Grenade Mods in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
Torgue Bonus Package Tork Dredgers/Sappers
Dahl Bouncing Bazza
Maliwan Leech
Hyperion Quasar Felicity
Vladof Storm Front
Dahl Cat o’ Nine Tails
Hyperion Excalibastard Sword in the Stone No quest but you need 2500 Badass Rank Stanton’s Liver
Tediore Min Min Lighter
Dahl The ZX-1 Col. Zarpedon
Hyperion 3DD1.E CL4P-L3k “Eradicate!”
Dahl Moonlight Saga Tiny Destroyer “Lab 19”
Maliwan Oxidizer Rooster Booster “Grinders”
Hyperion Supply Relay Quest reward “To arms!”
Torgue 88 Fragnum
Dahl Blowfly Infected Dahl Soldier “Eradicate!”
Hyperion Logan’s Gun
Jakobs Maggie
Tediore Shooterang
Scav Zim Gigantic Ice Shuggarath “Bunch of Ice Holes”
Scav Badaboom
Maliwan Cryophobia The Bosun
Vladof Mongol
Torgue Nukem Flame Knuckle Intro Boss
Scav Thingy Iwajira
Maliwan Avalanche
Scav Bigg Thumppr
Maliwan Black Hole Sentinel
Hyperion Bulwark RK-5, Zarpedon Ascendent
Maliwan Flyin’ Maiden
Vladof Kala
Anshin Reogenator
Vladof Sham RK-5
Maliwan Supernova Bruce “Another Pickle”
Tediore The Cradle
Scav The Shooting Star Power Suit Noob “Red then dead” 2nd courier
Pangolin Tortoise.
Dahl Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Torgue Flakker Even-More-Disgusting Tork “All the Little Creatures”
Scav Sledge’s Shotty
Jakobs Striker Redbelly (Belly)
Hyperion Viral Marketer
Hyperion Fatale Drongo Bones “Rough Love” – 2nd Suitor
Maliwan Hellfire
Tediore IVF
Dahl Torrent Meg
Hyperion Invader
Vladof Longnail
Maliwan Magma
Dahl Pitchfork
Jakobs Skullmasher Drops from Nel.

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