Racing To Max Prestige in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a team of 3 players who are racing to max prestige in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. View the leaderboards and watch them race below:

PwnStarzDotCom-Avatar oTradeMark-avatar Ron-Avatar
@PwnStarzDotCom was the first max prestige player in Call of Duty Ghosts alongside of oTradeMark and looks to repeat that performance in COD: AW. He is also a multiple lone-wolf champion who has won thousands of dollars worth of prizes playing COD including a trip to Hawaii & Paris. @oTradeMark was the first max prestige player in Black Ops 2 & the first in Ghosts alongside of PwnStarzDotCom. He is looking to make it a three-peat by reaching max prestige first in Advanced Warfare. He also won a Black Ops Jeep Wrangler during a COD Elite competition. Ron aka @TheRealRon1224 aka Ronaldinho is a long time COD community member known for his dominant gaming skill and beast gameplays. He has won community tournaments against well known pro-players and he is looking to enter the competitive scene for Advanced Warfare.

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