Hello, my name is Trent aka oTradeMark.   I started writing leveling guides back in MW2 when I realized that I was leveling much faster than my friends I was playing with and wanted to share that information with the world.  I’m a married gamer with 3 kids so I don’t have as much time to play video games as I did back in college yet I still wanted to take advantage of the in game bonuses that are given to you when you prestige.

On November 18, 2012 I became the first person in the world to reach Prestige Master in Black Ops 2.  That means I maxed out my level and prestige in less than 10 days from the time I started (5 days in game time played).  This guide is a collection of the tips and leveling strategies I used to get there.


Leveling Basics:
Let’s start with the basics.  In black ops 2, there are 10 prestiges with 55 levels in each prestige.  Counting your first 55 levels of non-prestige, that is eleven times through or a total of 605 levels you need to get through in order to reach Prestige Master in Black Ops 2.  Each prestige requires 1,249,100 Experience to complete and the half way point through a prestige experience wise is roughly around level 41.

Now one thing that I dislike about Black Ops 2 is that it is much more difficult to track your leveling speed in game than it has been in previous COD’s.  The after action report does a poor job of telling you how much XP you earned each game and the +XP in-game popups have been replaced by a +score popup instead.

While this may make it a little more difficult to track your leveling progress you can still use a spreadsheet alternative to figure out your exact XP per game.  I will include a link in the description below to a google spreadsheet that you can make a copy of if you want to keep track of your own XP.

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