Brave Trials is not a very difficult game to learn, but there are some things that can benefit you in game which are not obvious during your first play through. Here is a list of tips which you might not have known about Brave Trials:

  • Party Trial: When doing a party trial, if you die you can stay dead on the screen that says “you lost” and still get the victory as long as another teammate completes the trial. You can stay dead for the entire trial, even if you die in the first zone. This is especially beneficial if you are underpowered and have a strong ally who can solo the trial. This also applies to Faerin runs if someone else is fighting the same boss.
  • World Boss: When fighting the world boss you can avoid the hits from one of his arms and from the fireballs by going to the very front left or front right of the screen and attacking him there. You can also survive his ultimate ability by using your classes invulnerability skill right when it begins.
  • Faen: If you have leveled up a Faen but you want to replace it with a new or stronger Faen you can get all of the XP and upgrade stones back from that Faen by rebirthing it. If you can’t see the Faen in the rebirth list it’s because it needs to meet the following conditions: 1. It needs to be a Grade 3 (blue) Faen or higher, 2. It needs to be upgraded at least once (+1), 3. It can’t be equipped in any of your Faen or Buddy slots.
  • Faen: This tip kind of goes along with the tip above, but all of the upgrade stones, potions of potential, experience and gold you invest into any Grade 3+ Faen can be taken back from the Faen. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes when improving your Faen. You can always rebirth your Faen in order to get all your resources back.
  • Faen: Because of Faen combos and stat sharing with your main character, you will typically get a greater boost in power by equipping your best equipment on your Faen, especially rings & amulets. If you are unsure which Faen will benefit you the most, unequip that slot from all Faen and then look at the +power values when you equip the item on that Faen. Whichever Faen gives you the highest +power value is the Faen that should equip that item.
  • Ancient Realm: You can complete the ancient world trials daily and open the chests in that zone once for free and again by resetting the chests for 50 gems. Resetting the chests one time per day is typically a great investment because it costs 50 gems your first reset and you get 20 gems back per chest/zone you have completed.
  • Ancient Realm: When you have a surplus of crests obtained from the ancient world, rather than salvaging the crests for re-rolls you can directly replace a crest by selecting it in the socket menu. Essentially, you are getting a re-roll by replacing a gem you don’t want with a new one. This is most beneficial pre-level 50 as you have a surplus of low level gems that need to be re-rolled then.
  • Arena: You can win players who are quite a bit stronger than you if you learn the AI skill patterns. For example, the AI will always instantly cast their buffs (and invulnerability/invis for fighters/rogues). Simply run away from them until their buffs run out and then go in and attack while using your own buffs.
  • Gems: Gems are quite possibly the most important resource in the game, and you can spend them on just about everything, but don’t use them carelessly. There are a ton of things which are a waste to use on gems, such as resetting trial chances, respawning in world boss fights, or re-rolling crests. Save gems for important things like Faen draws, gold chests/keys, and stamina bread.

That is all I can think of for now. If you have any tips which you use in Brave Trials, feel free to post them in a comment below.

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