I see a lot of Brave Trials players ask in world chat how the top players on each server get so powerful. Most of the top players have over 300,000 power while the strongest player in the game has over 600,000 power. How do they get so strong? The answer lies in your Faen. Aside from being powerful allies, your Faen bonuses benefit both your character and your Faen. But in order to unleash your Faen’s potential, you need to be aware of how to combo and equip your Faen.

Faen Combo’s

Faen combo’s are when you are using two or more Faen which benefit each other and give your character special attribute bonuses. Faen Combo’s are separated into 3 groups. Offensive combo’s, which give you bonus Attack/Magic/Skill Power %. Defensive combo’s, which give you bonus Defense/Magic Defense/Skill Defense %. And Health combo’s, which give you bonus Health Point %. Occasionally combo’s can be a mixture of these 3. While any Grade 3+ (Blue) Faen can combo, higher grade Faen typically combo for higher bonuses. For this reason, typically you want to look to create Grade 4+ (Purple) Faen combo’s, ideally a strong Grade 5+ combo.

Which Faen combo’s you go for are going to be subjective based upon what draws you get, but you want to try and plan out what combo’s want to complete in the end because you should be keeping an eye out in the Bazaar and Exchange stores for potential Faen/Equipment shards which will combo with your future Faen. If you want to start planning which combos to work towards, I have created a list of Faen and their respective combo’s for you to reference which I will post soon.

Faen Slots

One of the easiest ways to increase your power potential is to equip your Faen in the “correct” slots. Typically, you want your highest Grade Faen which have the most combo’s completed in your first 2 combat slots. What type of Faen they are (A/D/H) doesn’t matter for combat, so just equip your highest grade Faen with the most Faen & Equipment combo’s completed.

For your assist Faen slots 3 & 4, you will usually want to use your highest grade Faen next to your combat Faen which have the most combos. However there are a couple of circumstances in which you would want to use a different assist Faen:

  1. You want a specific assist bonus. For example, if you are struggling to stay alive, then perhaps you would benefit more from a Defensive/Healer type assist Faen rather than the extra power from a stronger Faen.
  2. You need to equip a weaker Faen in an assist slot in order to complete 2 combo’s rather than 1. For example, let’s say that you have the Deus Ex combo finished which includes Thanatos. You also have Patriotus which combo’s with Thanatos. But you also have Crystal Guardian who combo’s with Patriotus. You will probably want to use Patriotus in one of your first four slots so you can combo with both Thanatos & Crystal Guardian and then put Thanatos in your buddy slot to maintain the Deus Ex combo.

Equipping Your Faen

Equipping your Faen is probably the most important aspect of squeezing out your power potential because there is a lot of variance in your power gains depending upon your combo’s. Essentially what you want to do is equip your best offensive gear (weapon/ring) on your highest grade Faen with the most offensive combo’s and then your best defensive gear (chest/boots/amulet) on your highest grade Faen with the most defensive combo’s and finally your best helmet on your highest grade Faen with the most HP combo’s.

For example, let’s say that your first 2 Grade 5 Faen are Patriotus & Thanatos, which is likely considering you can get them without draws. They combo together to create “Hold the Line” which gives you +30% ATK/MATK/SATK. Now let’s say that you also have the grade 4 Faen Crystal Guardian & Dark Phantom. Crystal Guardian combo’s with Patriotus to give you +30% DEF/MDEF/SDEF while Dark Phantom combo’s with Thanatos to give you +30% ATK/MATK/SATK. Finally, let’s say that you also have Crazed Porcine which combo’s with your Crystal Guardian for +10% HP.

This means that in total, Thanatos and his combo’s are giving you +60% ATK/MATK/SATK while Patriotus and his combo’s are giving you +60% DEF/MDEF/SDEF.  You would want to equip your strongest offensive equipment (weapon/ring) on Thanatos, your strongest defensive equipment (chest, boots, necklace) on Patriotus, and your strongest helm on Crystal Guardian.

You also need to be aware that certain rings and necklaces combo with your Faen. Use your exchange points to specifically purchase rings and necklaces which will combo with your highest grade Faen.

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