In my previous “how to win as rebels” video I made some incorrect claims that I wanted to update everyone on in regards to Bodhi. Bodhi’s special ability Technician does the following:

Damage taken by Bodhi Rook’s Structures and Land Vehicles decreases by 20%. (Turrets and Shield Generators are excluded)

Some of the leader passives are a bit ambiguous and I apologize for spreading incorrect information about Bodhi. Here are some worthy things to note about Bodhi’s special:

  • The 20% damage reduction translates to 25% effective HP. This is better than the 20% HP gain I stated in my previous video.
  • His passive currently only applies to 3 cards: MLC-3 Light Tank, Mortar Turret & Auto Blaster Turret. GNK Droid & Bantha Rider DO NOT benefit from the damage reduction.
  • His passive applies to Bodhi’s units only, which means that your allies tanks/turrets do not get the additional 20% damage reduction in 2v2.

After playing a lot of 2v2 Rebel games and tweaking and trying out a lot of different decks/strategies this is what we’ve come up with as the most effective 2v2 Rebel strategy in the game right now:

Key Components to the Fresh ‘Bro’lukhi w/ AdrenalPod Dresseling Strategy:

  • Luke – Lando has been swapped out for Luke in our new strategy for 2 reasons. 1. Luke is a better “hit & run” DPS leader which benefits drop pods & 2. He can use his reflect to efficiently trade energy.
  • Bodhi – Bodhi is still the key to 2v2 Rebels right now. His 20% damage reduction for turrets & frequent health packs allows you to hold off wave after wave of Empire attacks while trading leader health to gain energy advantage and help with the drop pod counter attacks.
  • Hyper-Adrenal – This is a new card addition to our drop pod strategy. For 2 extra energy you get a 40% attack speed increase for your rebel warriors. This card is massively energy efficient in this strategy.
  • Ion Mine – Another staple card from our drop pod strategy, allows you to keep pressure off of your warriors or finish off a low health turret/generator.
  • Auto Blaster Turret – The key card to countering the current Empire meta. Auto Blaster Turrets tank a lot of hits from AT-ST’s, Bodhi’s turrets even more so, allowing you to kill the AT-ST’s without taking turret damage.
  • Wookie Warrior, Talz, Pathfinders, Grenadier – All staple Rebel cards used to trade with Empire units and also kill AT-ST’s while your Auto Blaster Turret is tanking the damage
  • Stun Grenade – Another new addition to our strategy. Luke runs stun so that he can punish overextending leaders at his discretion and determine when the drop pod counter push begins.

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