Today I discovered a weapon glitch that you can use to dual-wield any weapon type alongside of your pistol when playing as Nisha the Lawbringer.

NEW Glitch to Dual-Wield Gunzerk ANY Weapon Type with Nisha the Lawbringer

There are 2 pre-requisites for this glitch:

  1. You need to be playing as Nisha the Lawbringer
  2. You need to have the “One for Each of Ya” skill which requires you to be level 25 and invest points into the “Fan the Hammer” skill tree

The glitch is really simple to do and manipulates the weapons switch animation to switch weapons while still maintaining your second copy of your pistol. In order to do the glitch you need to do the following:

  1. First, dual wield your best pistol
  2. Start switching to your desired dual-wield weapon
  3. While in the gun-switch animation, press the “drop weapon” key (Default on PC is the underscore _ key)

Because of the way that the glitch is accomplished, I would rebind the drop weapon key to something tha is easier to press. Also, I don’t know if it can be done using a controller because I don’t know if there is a drop weapon button¬†on controllers, however if someone on a console is able to test this please let me know.

Finally, there is another method for Gunzerking that was found by the Youtube user “Broman” which you can see here¬† however it is harder to setup and doesn’t allow you to pickup your pistol because you have to have a full inventory. I tried doing it and wasn’t able to accomplish it so perhaps it has been patched.

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