Brave Trials is a free to play Action RPG Game / App on the Android platform. It was created by IGG, the same company that made Castle Clash & Clash of Lords. The premise of the game is that you are a hero (wayfaerer) who has the special ability to enlist mystical creatures (Faens) to fight by your side. You journey on a quest to rescue a kidnapped and defeat powerful enemies who seek to do evil.


There are 3 classes in Brave Trials: Mage, Fighter & Rogue. Mages specialize in long range combat & casting spells while Fighters & Rogues specialize in close range combat. Fighters have a higher base health and defense so they are usually the tanks while Rogues have higher attack values and focus on fast assassination techniques. I have played all 3 of the classes and they are all viable, however Rogues & Fighters seem to get the most play time. There is usually at least one of each class type in the top of the leaderboards so I would just pick whatever suits your playstyle. I have listed some generic information about the classes below, or you can see detailed information about each class here.

Mage Average Low High Average Low Low Average
Fighter Average Low Average High Average Average High
Rogue High Low High Low Low Low Average


Faens are your pets or summons which play an integral part in the storyline of the game as well as account for a large portion of your power. You can summon two Faen to fight by your side and an additional 2 assist Faen which support you off screen. Finally you can also pair up to 6 buddy Faen’s in your inventory to complete Faen combo’s which increases your active Faen’s power.

  • Grade 1 Faen (White): These are the weakest Faen in the game. They are almost exclusively used to level up stronger Faens.
  • Grade 2 Faen (Green): These Faen are relatively weak and are usually used to level up Stronger Faens.
  • Grade 3 Faen (Blue): These Faen are average strength Faen which provide good power in the early levels (1-25) of the game. Once you have enough Grade 4+ Faen these are usually converted into Gold/Faessence/Soulstones.
  • Grade 4 Faen (Purple): These are used by most mid level players (25-35) and can be obtained relatively easily through daily rewards, shards and free draws. 2 Identical Grade 4 Faen can be upgraded to a Grade 5 Faen. Once you have enough Grade 5+ Faen these are usually converted into Gold/Faessence/Soulstones.
  • Grade 5 Faen (Purple): These are top grade Faen and are used by the mid-high level players in the game. Once you have enough Grade 5 Faen, you should start looking for other Grade 5 Faen which combo with each other in order to further increase your strength. I would not recommend converting these Faen unless you have a big surplus of Faen as they could potentially be used for a combo in the future.
  • Grade 6 Faen (Gods): There are four grade 6 Faen’s in the game and they are extremely rare. They can be obtained through a game promotion or through extremely lucky Faen draws.
  • Grade 7 Faen (Unique): There are four grade 7 Faen’s in the game which are the strongest Faen in the game that I know of. As far as I know they can only be obtained through extremely lucky Faen draws.

Faen Slots

As mentioned above, there are different slots where you can summon Faen which affect your power in different ways. I will outline each slot below:

  • Combat Faen: Your first two Faen slots are your Combat Faen. These are the Faen which are summoned into the world which you can see floating next to your character. They have a regular attack and then a special attack. While the attack animations and area of effect differs for different Faen, the damage values for all Faen of the same grade are identical. What this means is that typically you just want to summon your highest grade Faen in your two combat slots. Your Faen’s “assist” skill is irrelevant as it isn’t active when a Faen is placed in a combat slot.
  • Assist Faen: Your next two Faen slots are your Assist Faen. In this slot, your Faen’s combat skills are irrelevant because they aren’t active so the only thing that you should worry about is their assist type and value. There are 3 types of Assist Faen: Attack, Defense & Heal. Attack Faen boost your ATK/MATK/SATK values by a percentage or increase your CRIT/CRIT DMG values. Defense Faen boost your DEF/MDEF/SDEF values by a percentage or increase your BLK/EVADE values. Finally, Healing Faen heal you by a % of your SATK value. While they all have their pro’s and cons, typically you will want to use either Attack or Defense Faen during duels and PvP combat since the fights are so short, whereas healing Faen are nice for long trials. You can mix and match your assist Faen and you can even stack your assist Faen for double the bonus.
  • Buddy Faen: Your final Faen “slot” is actually a page of 6 buddy Faen slots. Buddy faen only help you to complete Faen combo’s which are extra passive bonuses above and beyond your equipment. Your buddy Faen’s level, grade and combat/assist skills are completely irrelevant as they are inactive during battle. For this reason, typically you want to keep your buddy Faen level 1 with no upgrades. If you did accidentally level up or upgrade your buddy Faen, you can rebirth them to regain those stones/faessence as long as the Faen is Grade 3+ and has been upgraded. (Quick Tip: If you want to delevel a Faen but don’t see it in the rebirth section, make sure the Faen is not equipped in any slot and also make sure it is upgraded at least to +1. You cannot rebirth active Faen or Faen that have not been upgraded)


Trials (Dungeons) are the core gameplay component of Brave Trials. Normal Trials are directly connected to the storyline of the game and you can only progress as you beat consecutive trials. There are also special trials which unlock additional rewards. Each completed trial consumes 5 stamina. You can not do any more trials when your stamina reaches 0. I will explain the different types of trials below:

  • Normal Trials: The standard story line trials which reward XP, Gold & a chance at receiving upgrade stones.
  • Rare/Boss Trials: While completing the story you will encounter rare & boss trials which have an additional chance to receive a Faen or Equipment Shard on top of the Gold/XP/Upgrade Stones.
  • Elite Trials: Once you complete a boss dungeon in the story mode you unlock that bosses Elite Trial or dungeon. Essentially you are just repeating the same boss dungeon at a higher difficulty for slightly more rewards. You can only complete 3 Elite trials per day.
  • Party Trials: These are special team-oriented trials which can be completed 3 times per day per level and do not consume stamina. Party trials can be completed by up to 4 simultaneous players and can only be accessed by players above the level requirement (level 10/20/30/40). If you die during a party trial, you can stay dead and still receive the victory rewards as long as someone in your party is able to complete the trial.
  • Ancient World Trials: The ancient world contains special trials which can be completed once per day and do not consume stamina. Completing the boss trials in the Ancient World will reward you with crests to socket your equipment with. Completing an entire level (8 trials) of ancient world dungeons will allow you to open a chest once per day with additional crests and rewards.


Like any RPG game, your equipment is an integral part to your success. Each equipment slot benefits different aspects of your character. Helms increase your HP. Chest Armor, Boots & Necklaces increase your Defensive Power. Swords & Rings increase your Offensive Power. Each piece of equipment can be enhanced with Gold (& lodestones for jewelry) up to 2x your current class level. There are 14 grades or levels of equipment per slot, with the base stats and enhance +bonuses increasing for each consecutive grade.

  • Grade 1 Equipment (White): The weakest equipment in the game. As soon as you find green equipment immediately convert your white equipment for gold and lodestones and equip and enhance your new equipment.
  • Grade 2-4 Equipment (Green): There isn’t much difference in most green equipment. For the most part, the enhanced per level amounts are the same for all green equipment of the same slot, the only thing that changes is slightly higher base stats per grade.
  • Grade 5-7 Equipment (Blue): Pretty good equipment which will stay with you for quite a while. However, the enhancements per level are pretty much the same for all grade 5-7 equipment.
  • Grade 8-14 Equipment (Purple): Top tier equipment. The base stats and enhancements per level vary greatly from a Grade 8 to Grade 14 piece of equipment. Purple jewelry also provides bonuses to specific Faen when equipped. For this reason, most purple jewelry you find will stay with you for a while, and it’s important to make sure that you are equipping your highest grade equipment on the Faen which will benefit the most from it.


  • Gems (Blue Gem): Earned & Used for a lot of things. Purchasing gems with real money increases your star level, which in turn allows you to unlock special rewards and purchases only available to star members.
  • Gold (Gold Coin): Gold is earned through trials and quests. It is used to upgrade equipment and do Faerin runs
  • Prestige (Blue/White/Red Banner): Prestige is obtained through the arena and by participating in world boss trials. You can use prestige to buy upgrade stones and Thanatos (Grade 5 Faen) in arena.
  • Soulstones (Blue Orbs): Soulstones are obtained by converting Grade 3+ (Blue) Faen. They can be used to buy things in the Bazaar.
  • Stamina (Green Circle): Stamina is used to complete trials. 5 STA is used per trial run. Stamina is recovered at a rate of 5 stamina per 30 minutes or you can consume stamina bread to instantly recover a portion of your stamina.
  • Lodestones (Purple Stones): Lodestones are obtained by converting items or through rare trials. They can then be used to upgrade necklaces and rings
  • Faessence (Green Orb): Faessence is obtained by converting Grade 3+ (Blue) Faen. It can then be used to level up your Faen. White & Green Faen can also be used to level up other Faen.
  • Potions of Potential (Green Pots): Potions of Potential can be earned through duels, arena fights, or rare trials. They are used to train your Faen
  • Upgrade Stones (Gold Stones): Upgrade stones are earned in rare trials or can also be purchased with prestige in the arena exchange store. The stones are used to upgrade your Faen
  • Equipment/Faen Shards (Pictures): You can collect shards through rare trials, duels, arena fights or through the bazaar/war exchange store. Once enough shards have been collected you can fuse/exchange them for completed equipment/Faen

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