Hello there. If you haven’t been watching the livestream or videos on my channel, PwnStarzDotCom and I became the first Max Prestige players in Call of Duty Ghosts today. Early this morning, November 12, 2013 we maxed out our 10th and final character to reach Max prestige in Call of Duty Ghosts. The gamertag which we leveled up is ‘Pubstomperz’ on the Xbox 360. The account was leveled up primarily by me (oTradeMark) and PwnStarzDotCom. We were taking 12 hour shifts on the account to ensure that someone was leveling the account up at all times since launch. Brads_Sister & Jjag72 also helped out when they each took a small shift on the account.

We reached max prestige in 4 days, 13 hours, 17 minutes & 09 seconds game time played, which means that it took us approximately 10.9 hours of in game time played per prestige. Our statistics on the account were very strong as well with 5,863,430 overall in game score, a 3.004 K/D ratio, and a 3.670 W/L ratio. We primarily played the game mode cranked as it offered the fastest leveling up potential while playing solo. I did a lot of research into leveling methods before the game came out which allowed us to level up very quickly. Overall it was a great experience. We competed against some amazing teams of players trying to reach max prestige first including the pro teams: Optic Gaming, Complexity (while at Machinima Live), EnvyUs and Hashtag TheRace. I think it was a really great accomplishment for us to be able to beat all of these teams and become the first Max Prestige Players in Call of Duty Ghosts, proving that pubstompers are capable of leveling up faster than anyone in the world. As usual, I will be releasing an in-depth leveling guide for Call of Duty Ghosts to explain how to level up as quickly as possible so you can reach whatever prestige you want as fast as possible too!

Here is a video showcasing our stats and all 10 of the Pubstomperz characters in greater detail:

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