Hey guys,

I haven’t posted on the site lately and a lot of people are messaging me on Xbox live asking me about my leveling guide for Black Ops 2. Right now I am playing Black Ops 2 about 16-20 hours a day (zOMG no life nerd lolz) and so I literally do not have time to post anything right now. After I reach prestige master I will start releasing the leveling guide in sections.

The important news I have for everyone today is that I’m going to stream my entire 10th prestige this weekend and help people by telling everyone how to level up quickly.  If you are interested in watching the first player to reach Prestige Master in the world then feel free to stop by my twitch stream this weekend, I will announce when I am streaming on my youtube channel: http://youtube.com/oTradeMark

My stream URL is http://twitch.tv/oTradeMark … I will answer questions there on how to level up quickly and try to race through the 10th prestige as quickly as possible.

Here is my current progress on the game:

Here are the leader boards (keep in mind, these are still glitched so I don’t show up #1)

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