How to Install Android’s Google Play Store on a Kindle Fire 7 Tablet

My kids wanted to play Brawl Stars & Pokemon Go on their Kindle Fire HD tablets but these games are only available via IOS & Android. Kindle Fires are actually just Android tablets running FireOS (Amazon’s customized version of Android) which can install the Google Play Store and subsequently all Android games using the instructions below:

  1. Enable app installs from 3rd party devices
  2. Download the following APK’s:
    1. Google Account Manager 5.1-1743759
    2. Google Services Framework 5.1-1743759
    3. Google Play Services for your device
      1. For 7” Kindle Fire: 32-bit Google Play services
      2. For 8” or 10” Kindle Fire: 64-bit Google Play services
    4. Google Play Store
  3. Open es file explorer & browse to local > downloads
  4. Install Google Account Manager
  5. Install Google Services Framework
  6. Install the Google Play Services for your device
  7. Install the latest version of Google Play Store
  8. Restart tablet 

1. Backing Up Your Kindle Fire HD (Optional)

If you want to play Pokemon Go on a Kindle Fire tablet, you will need to factory reset the device which will wipe all of your data. If there are pictures, videos or game save data (Minecraft Maps) on the Kindle, you will want to follow the instructions below to back them up:

  • Connect your Kindle Fire HD to a PC via the included USB charging cord.
  • Open a windows explorer window and find the “Fire” drive under My Computer (This PC)
  • Backup the entire contents of the device to your local PC if you want to be safe, or if you’re confident you only need certain data, copy only the specific folders you need: (The “DCIM” folder typically stores all photos/videos taken by the default camera, The “Games” folder usually stores all of the game data for Amazon App Store games, and the “Android” folder will contain play store apps from an existing installation. Some apps will install data into their own root folder, so if you’re not sure what you need, just back up everything. Also, the internal storage of the tablet will show up separate from any micro SD cards attached)
Once your Kindle Fire data is backed up to a separate storage device, continue below to install Pokemon GO on a Kindle Fire HD.

2. Factory Resetting Your Kindle Fire HD 10 (Required for Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go requires 

2. Factory Resetting Your Kindle Fire HD 10 (Required for Pokemon Go)

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