How the Borrow A Hero System Works in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Here is some general information about the Borrow-A-Hero mechanics and how to progress in difficult LS/DS/Cantina battles:

  • It is more important to look for quality over quantity when it comes to adding allies. If you’re stuck on the later campaign missions it can be very helpful to borrow a maxed out character from one of your allies. If you don’t have any strong allies, you can look for some players to add here and here.
  • The most recent leader you used to complete a battle within an area (LS/DS/Cantina/Challenges) will be the leader that your allies can borrow from you for their respective areas. For example, if you complete a Light Side mission using Qui-Gon Jinn as your leader, your allies will be able to borrow your Qui-Gon the next time they attempt a Light Side battle. The system does have bugs as occasionally it will offer you a leader to borrow that your ally doesn’t even use or have.
  • You can only borrow characters which were not a part of your team in your most recent battle within that area. For example, let’s say you complete a Dark Side battle with Sidious, Royal Guard, Geo Soldier, Phasma and IG-86. None of those 5 characters will be available to borrow as a leader the next time you go into a dark side battle. Since Sidious & Phasma are the most common dark side leaders, you will likely not see a lot of your allied leaders to borrow.
  • Usually after borrowing a hero from an ally there is a 4 hour cooldown before you can borrow a hero from the same player again. However, if you complete a gear challenge (AGI, INT, STR Gear Challenges) then that cooldown is reset, allowing you to borrow a leader from the same user repeatedly until you run out of challenges. Understanding this, it’s important to look for quality over quantity when adding allies. Look for allies that have maxed out level 70, 7* Gear 8/9 characters as there leaders. Obviously that’s a lot to ask of an ally, but a lot of maxed out players do have spots on their ally list and will accept your ally request even if you’re low level.
  • In my opinion the best Dark Side heroes to borrow are Old Daka & Royal Guard and the best Light Side heroes to borrow are Barriss Offee, Ewok Elder & Old Ben. Also taunting characters are good to borrow as well, since your borrowed leader can die during a battle and you still get 3-stars on the battle. Basically any character that helps your characters survive a round of attacks from the enemy. Unless of course you already have a tanky team composition that can survive a long time in which case you should be borrowing the highest damage dealer.
  • You can 3-star a mission without a full squad of 5 players. This is beneficial if you have 2-3 really strong characters on your LS/DS teams but a big power gap between your next most powerful characters. You actually only need 1 character on your team to three-star a battle. I completed areas 1-3 on my alt account using only a single tanky leader and an OP maxed out character borrowed from my main account.

I hope this helps, if you’re stuck on a specific battle, post your roster and what level you’re having issues with and I will try to give you some advice on how to beat it. Here is a video I created of me using these tips to complete the Hard Area 7 Dark Side Battles:

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  1. Nikolay313

    Please tell me why my account it maxed out at level 70, when there are challenges with tiers as high as level 86? I’m annoyed by this knowing all the extra energy I have lost from completing daily goals. Thanks.

    1. oTradeMark

      EA/CG sets a soft level cap. It was recently increased to 80 and then sometime in a future update they will increase that again to 90.

  2. Josh

    HUGELY helpful guide!! Thank you so much! So much information in this game is completely obfuscated, so I’m grateful for this amount of it that you’ve elucidated.

  3. Sam meyers

    How come the send ally request won`t come up after battle sometimes?

    1. ParadoxFox

      I think that is because your allys are full you can have max 50/50 allys so dump a few and others can be added

  4. Dat boi

    Can I turn it off or not borrow any heroes?

  5. Donnie

    I’m lol 59 I need allies that have God characters I can borrow please! I really need help 3 starring higher lol battles please! 224-115-776 please i hacve played everyday since i started a couple weeks ago. Im leveling fast and havnt even spent any money on it! Though when i get my new debit/credit card in mail i prob will spend atleast 20. Please help me n I’m promise in no time I’ll be an assets for u as well

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